Kamlepo questions maize funds

Brian Culwell

By Thula Chisamba

Kamlepo questions GOVT on 30 billion in maize funds

Third vice president for for ruling People’s Party (PP) Kamlepo Kalua has questioned the Malawi government to explain how it used 30 billion Kwacha allocated for the purchase of maize in the country.

Speaking to this publication on Friday, Kalua supposed that government must have misused the money because no maize seem to have been bought so far.

He said, government claimed to have bought maize from Zambia but reports still indicates that people are suffering with hunger across the country.

“With the hunger, government allocated 30 billion to be used in buying maize to ease the problem. Where, i mean how has the money been used because you and me still see people dying of hunger in the country,” he said.

On the other hand, he promised our reporter to give more information on how government might have misused the money.

He said, he is working with some ministers who are leaking information to him on how Government tricked Malawians on the money.

“I have information which shows how government mismanaged the funds. I can not sit back and watch Malawians dying while other selfish peopler are swindling money meant to help poor people,” he added.

Kalua is one of the controversial politicians who claim to be having access to public documents that exposes corrupt activities inside the government.

He surprised Malawians after leaking information on how government splashed public funds to buy expensive vehicles for top politicians.

However, this publication findings shows that Kalua allegations on the misusing of the 30 billion kwacha meant for maize, might be true as evidenced by the low supply of Maize by government in Agricultural Development and Marketing cooperation (ADMARC) depots across Malawi.

Though government insists there is enough maize in all maize reserves in the country but our publication can reveal that a lot of Malawians are still suffering to buy the staple food.

Frequent requests to hear from the ministry of finance on how the money was used have proven futile.

Edited by: Brian Culwell

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